[Tutorial] Sloppy Brick Material - Including FREE [.SBS] & [.SBSAR] Files

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[Tutorial] Sloppy Brick Material - Including FREE [.SBS] & [.SBSAR] Files

Abderrezak Bouhedda | LockedLoaded ©
3 ratings

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In this new Substance Designer tutorial, you'll learn how to create a sloppy brick material from start to finish. You'll also learn some other techniques which help you understand how to achieve the realistic mortar and also some similar workflows.

At the end of this tutorial you will have good understanding of the techniques behind creating this type of material and a graph that is commented and editable to create a wide variety of sloppy brick materials. This 50 Minutes tutorial is for all skill levels. The process is fully narrated, step-by-step & explained node-by-node, from start to finish.


-Full HD Resolution 50 minutes narrated video.

-Well organized and commented [.SBS] File.

-[.SBSAR] File with exposed parameters.

-Quick Preview Node.



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If you need some help just contact me at anytime, feedback & critics will be much appreciated, Make sure to contact me (Artstation/Facebook/IG) if you have any questions about the process. Enjoy!

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