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UE4 Crystal Shader Tutorial

This 80 minutes tutorial will teach you how to create refractive shaders similar to Redshift and other render engines like Arnold and V-Ray. Inside Unreal Engine 4 only! It is well explained and fully narrated for all skill levels.

Including how to create all the needed parameters, with light dispersion too, which happens in diamonds and crystals.


✅Full HD Resolution 80 Min narrated videos (2-Parts).

✅Bonus Video on "How to turn 3D Scan into a game-ready prop".

✅UE4 Refractive Shader (With all Parameters) + 3 Instance Presets.


Substance Designer Tutorial Pack

BBQ & Charcoal Materials Tutorial

[Tutorial] BBQ & Charcoal Materials Creation

[Tutorial] BBQ & Charcoal Materials Creation

UE4 Crystal Shader Tutorial

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